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  • Elyette Levy

Week 8, day 3

Published today:

I had started working on a food piece about sushi on Tuesday, so my day started off continuing on that piece. It was a pretty standard food piece though.

But then, I went on Twitter to find more content to write about and found this account caller "every lot mtl." They post exactly that: every single lot on the island. Every building, essentially. They even mention the date it was built, how many floors or units there are, and the size in square metres, which is really impressive.

I started writing about this piece a bit later in the day, but I asked the person who runs the account how they had done it and what started this idea, hoping to get an answer by Monday so that I can put it into the piece. The account owner actually answered me about two hours after the end of my intern shift, so I'm glad I'll have something to work on Monday.

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