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  • Elyette Levy

Week 8, day 2

Today's articles:

I've been talking to my friends about things we can do over the weekends, and every single time they say we should go thrifting. There are a lot of great thrift shops around Montreal, and I'm excited to see more of them, but I think it's hard to find an updated, comprehensive list of thrift shops to visit. So I made my own!

After that, I was put on another food piece about salad, which was a bit of a challenge because there's only so much to say about how good a salad bar is.

Yesterday, I was also scrolling through Instagram and I found one of my friends showing a PR package from this brand Joshua Perets. They were huge when I was in elementary school, they were the embodiment of 2000s fashion: loud prints, logomania, vibrant contrasting colours. They went off the grid a few years ago (people just don't seem to like flashy hoodies I guess), but I was suprised when I saw my friend wearing their new stuff. She's an influencer, so it makes sense that she would receive a package from them, but I thought it was cool.

Anyway, I remember this right as I finished my food piece and immediately pitched it. I didn't know it was a Montreal-based brand at first, but they are! Which makes sense as to why everyone loved them in primary school. Anyway, their new styles actually look really good, and I was happy to write about their comeback.

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