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Week 6, day 3

Published Wednesday:

Published today:

I had a really fun day on Wednesday: it wasn't a day that I usually work, but I received an email at around 4 from a PR person telling me about KAYTRANADA's new song and how it premiered on TikTok. That was exciting to me because 1) I'm glad my email is shared to PR people now, and 2) KAYTRANADA is a huge artist here, a lot of my friends are great fans.

So even though I wasn't working, I pitched and wrote it on Wednesday, and it got published that day. It was a really fun piece to write; I love being one of the first people to write about something.

Today though, I found something on TikTok that I thought was worth writing about, and then proposed to write about the new government hotel quarantine measures. They came out with some of the hotels that will be authorized for travelers to check in to, along with more information about how to book rooms and what the additional measures would be.

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